What is church?

A new learning series starting on the 14.11.2021
Sundays, 2.30pm – 3.30pm
CAWH, 17 Dornfell Street, NW6 1QN

What is church? Or should I say, what is the church? I’m not sure if the definite article belongs there or not. Is it a noun or a verb? Or is it both? Semantics aside, the church has a … shall we say … interesting history. For some, it is a vital part of their lives. For many, it is archaic, irrelevant or even an aberration: blamed for violence, discrimination and abuse. For others, it’s a necessary but benign cultural anchor. It forms an undeniable but uninspiring part of their perception of community and society. But it wasn’t always this way. There was a time (and in many ways, that time is still now) during which the church was a huge cause of upheaval and change. It wasn’t tea and biscuits, it was revolutionary.

How do we handle these different perceptions and experiences of church? How do we hold them together? Is the church relevant or is it best forgotten? Is it necessary or are there better alternatives? Is it good or is it … not? Is it what it should be and can we do better?

Join us on Sunday afternoons at 2.30pm to explore these topics as we journey through the book of Acts (The Acts of the Apostles) and examine the earliest seeds of the church in order to find ways to answer these questions. We hope that we will discover a new perspective of the church – one that acknowledges its faults and decries its failures but embraces the hope and power that lies at its centre.

This series will take the form of a discussion group lasting an hour each Sunday. It’s relaxed and informal and everyone is welcome (including children). We may retire to a nearby coffee shop afterward if the inclination so leads us.

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